Thursday, 1 July 2010


As I saw an american kid on the tv once say.

Well I had pics of the painted dread, the marine squad I'm working on for the astro rumble or stumble 8 or 9 and one of the bikes that I'm working on, and most helpfully Kodak easyshare has eaten them, so my apologies but no pic updates tonight, I'm too tired.

I did however, meet the new store manager of my local GW today and got one of the last skull pass boxes. Now I'm not sure whether or not I mentioned it on here or not but I'm currently trying to do a goblin army on the cheap, to get me back into warhammer, what with the new ed and all (as I'm sure is fresh news to the internet community). Adding them to my first box (from when it was first released about 4-5 years ago) it makes about 2k with a few upgrades and conversions. How to do the fanatics cheaply is beyond me though, so I think I probably will have to get myself a box of them, though I might be able to stretch the usefulness of the box a bit.

I'm half way through a couple of conversions for them at the moment (pics were also eaten), I've cleaned 38 spearmen (2 others had already been used) and I got through 15 archers tonight, so not doing too badly but it's looking a little unlikely that I'll have a 2k army for the 10th.

Especially with the new manager planning monthly painting comps, which I am pretty my honour bound to compete in.

Good to get all that out of the system, well done for suffering through it (all 0 of you that read this far).

Oh and hello to the new members that've popped up since I last said it, hello! Welcome to the ramblings and infrequent pictorial updates :D

I think that's it, I will get the pics in the next couple of days.


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