Saturday, 31 July 2010


Help desperately needed and fast.

Firstly im in a rush,

secondly hello to the new follwers, nice to have you with me!

Right the reason for the rush, The last pics I posted were from a comp, between then and now there was another comp (which I won!) there's another comp today at 1pm (1 hour and 10 mins away), but (and it's a BIG but), I'm not sure whether to put eyes on the model or not (its the new angry Blood angles chaplain, keep forgetting his name), those of you who have him will know that there are no eyes sculpted on. Aha, Lemartes (I remembered!).

So, he has no eyes, do I either leave the holes blank or put a white dot in there?

Any responses within the next 20-30 mins would be most appreciated, unlikely, but what the hell.


Edit a slightly distant pic
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I'll put some better ones up after the comp, haven'ty time now.


  1. My opinoin, - it's a skull - a skull should have holes, not eyes.

    I also try to understand the sulptor when I paint a peice, and if the guy didnt put eyes in there, i'd say it's a safe bet there shouldnt be any :)

    now the the issue of the increasingly popular, "eye-hole glow" especially on chaplains, I'd say that one was a matter of personal taste.

    probably not much help, but opinions asked and offered :)

  2. Interesting to hear another painters view on it.

    I'd say I generally agree with you.

    Especially difficult in this case since the Eavy metal version has got lenses painted on it, but I just can't see them on there.

    Thanks for your input :)