Monday, 30 November 2009

Photo thoughts and Dwarfs

I noticed something quite odd while taking then uploading these pics. The general concensus among articles online about taking pics (atleast the ones I've read) says "two daylight bulbs no flash" (internet wisdom distilled:D). But and it is a big but, I take almost all my pics with the flash on aswell as my daylight bulb and I've not yet had any complaints about pic quality.

I generally find that the colours are closer and the highlights show up better doing it my way.

So a quick demo of what I'm on about:
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DAYLIGHT BULB ONLY (sorry about the blurriness, a little rushed)

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I think the second pic is a better representation of the painting than the first, it also removes the shadow that kind of dominates the first pic.

Anyway just a thought that occurred to me as I was typing this, let me know if you agree or disagree or want clearer versions of either.

As you probably guessed from my previous post this is a model for my current project, this being the first of three test models.
So the pic update I mentioned:
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Any questions just ask. Any comments please leave them.

Short on time so you'll have to wait for the overview of the army.


I'm back

Doesn't really feel like I've been gone from the net for more than a week or so, but apparently it's 2 months!

Several reasons for that, non GW problems (health and the like), but I have at least been working on mini's, of which you will see pics of the recent stuff if you check back soon.

As to the To do list that I had up on here: all points failed :D ahwell.

Games Day didn't go according to plan, the model wasn't finished despite spending the whole day (and night) before GD painting; I did however meet some people from astro, got the forgeworld show model and spoke to one of the fantasy single model finalists who gave me some advise on plinths (very nice empire model he'd done too). So the day wasn't wasted, just didn't turn out the way I wanted.

I haven't learnt to play 40k, reasons being: buggered car (so I couldn't get to my local GW) and being as I wouldn't be able to get to the Dutch GT (passport delay), there wasn't much incitement to either walk (10-14 mile round trip) or spend £3.30 on a buss ticket.

The army ceased production on the tenth of October half converted, because of a problem with the passport, there are pics if you want them or you could wait until feb when I continue with it.
There are some nice conversions in it, even if I do say so myself.

So what've I been working on since 10th of Oct?
Well I didn't do anything mini wise until the beginning of November when I started work on my LotR GT Dwarf army (which has progressed nicely). A model for my brother-in-law for Xmas and that's it (atleast as far as I can remember)!?

Cheers before it gets too long