Wednesday, 12 August 2009

More pics!

Not of painted minis this time though.

Last night didn't quite go to plan, had been up a lot longer than I thought and ended up dozing off whilst flattening the back, ahwell. So, the pics and a little info:

My dread; not heavily converted, just had a few bits added here and there, more has been done to the missile arm today and I'll put pics up of that in a bit.
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My fire support squad; first unit I'm happy with! Will be glad to see them finished and painted, the missile launcher isn't quite finished yet (have been using the dread for practise and I am finally happy with the technique). 1 scout (neophyte) needed to add to complete the squad.
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My crusade squad; they are unworthy of the name, they were done as part of the Astro tale of x gamers at which I didn't do well, to say the least. Another 5 initiates and 10 Neophytes need to be added before this can properly be called a crusade squad and I've changed my mind about giving the melta gunner a robe, so need another version of that.
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Pics of them all from different angles in a few mins. I will also add in the links for bigger pics in this and the previous post containing them.

Any opinions?


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