Thursday, 23 September 2010

Not dead!


Or at least thats what the papers say.

I've been busy oddly enough; college, rl, painting. Sucks but such is life.

Just started painting my entries for this sundays GD, I swore last year that I'd leave myself plenty of time to do a good job this year, but I have no idea where the last three months went, so...

My entries this year: LotR dwarf banner this one, though not that scheme. and an ancient goblin netter that I managed to get my hands on recently. Neither has had any work done to them (except a sculpted base for the dwarf) and both are currently at the basecoat stage.

So yes plenty of time again, but at least the dwarf will be done even if the goblin isn't and you shall have pics in the near future, whether or not that will be before sunday I can't say.

Thought I'd just check in, oh and welcome kuffeh :D

Any thoughts/advice welcome.


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